Emacs Rocks!

Emacs Rocks! Episode 12: Working with HTML

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M-% query-replace

Replace some occurrences of one string with another.

C-c n cleanup-buffer

Perform a bunch of operations on the whitespace content of a buffer. Get it here.

C-s isearch-forward

Search incrementally forward. Note that mark is set at start of search on exit.

C-@ er/expand-region

Increase selection by semantic units. Get it here.

C-c C-r rename-sgml-tag

Rename the current tag (closest from point nesting-wise). Get it here

C-c DEL sgml-delete-tag

Delete the current tag along with its respective other tag.

C-h k describe-key

Describe the function bound to a given key combination.

C-x C-e eval-last-sexp

Evaluate sexp before point; print value in minibuffer.

M-x flush-lines

Delete lines after point matching a given regexp.

C-c C-e sgml-close-tag

Close the current tag.

C-x z repeat

Repeat the last command.

C-c C-j zencoding-expand-line

Interactively create HTML out of CSS-selectors. Get it here.